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    Venta de Hielo

    Hielo Sahy cubitos 40 gr

    Sahy ice cubes 40 gr

    HSahy ice cubes 40 gr. Scotsman machines are built with the format always supports them hardness that retards thawing time, transparency and homogeneity. Ideal for all types of businesses.

    2 kl bag

    Hielo Don Cubito cubitos 60 gr.

    Don Cubito ice cubes 60 gr.

    Don Cubito ice cubes 60 gr. made in Scotsman machines is ideal for combined format and is aimed at nightclubs and pubs.

    2 kl bag

    Hielo Tubo 60 gr.

    Tube 60 g ice.

    Tube 60 g ice. Traxxel machine is manufactured with cylindrical format that breaks the tradition of the Scotsman cubes and is also ideal for all types of businesses.

    2 kl bag

    Hielo Pistón formato 4 gr

    Piston ice Format 4 gr

    4 g Piston ice format. specific for cocktails, drinks and trendy drinks like mojitos and caipirinhas.

    2 kl bag

    Hielo Americano 8 gr.

    Hielo Americano 8 gr.

    Hielo Americano 8 gr. va perfecto para coctelería y refrescos. Además para conseguir el hielo frappé es el apropiado para las picadoras de hielo. Su forma es troncocónica como los cubitos Sahy y Don Cubito.

    2 kl bag

    Hielo triturado

    Hielo triturado

    Hielo triturado formato 10 kg. ideal para presentación de expositores de restauración, para cubiteras, para fiestas o eventos donde falta la corriente eléctrica y para los pescadores. También es utilizado para coctelería en grandes consumidores por su coste más reducido.

    Bolsa de 10 o 18 kl

    Wellcome to Hielos Sahy

    Ice Sahy born in Mallorca in 1972. Becomes pioneering brand of ice cubes in the country. Since then we have met the needs of bars, cafes, pubs, hotels, supermarkets, private, ... and of course, service stations.

    Our distribution area covers the entire island of Mallorca. We have extended hours of delivery, in addition to the means and personnel necessary for the delivery of orders in the most convenient way for the customer. We serve all kinds of orders giving the best solution to your needs.


    Extensive fleet of delivery staff and knowledgeable of the island and with the required and demonstrated experience in customer vehicles.


    Fixed routes
    • In winter (October to May): Monday to Friday from 07: 30H to 18: 30H
    • In summer (June to September): Monday to Friday from 07: 00H to 18: 30H
      Saturdays from 7:00 to 13:00, Tuesdays and Thursdays until 22:00 and Friday
      until 24H within 30Kmts of Palma.

    Under order route
    1. Saturdays and Sundays : Special Guard Service . Incorporate overcurrent faults in buckets, new openings.
    2. Loans to deposit bunker to store our product.